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Karma's Kreations Artistry

Virtual Classes

Over the past two years that I have created and tailored my beauty business to fit the needs of myself and my clientele, I discovered a recurring need to offer instructional classes to my past clientele and other business owners wishing to better organize their businesses specifically within the beauty industry.

Below I offer three different class sections in which I will focus on the business aspect, technical writing aspect, and creative aspect of a beauty/grooming business that exudes professionalism, creativity, and overall elegance and organization within one's business. As a Black woman business owner and Business Graduate, I find it important to share the knowledge of my artistry and my business background with others who wish to have a better hold on their businesses. 

As more black-owned businesses begin to emerge, we must educate ourselves to be professional and end the notion that all black businesses are not professional. My classes not only apply to beauty occupations, but any occupation in which you must carry yourself and your business as one well put together and professional machine. 


BUSINESS and TECHNICAL WRITING Virtual classes are pre-recorded will be offered after their set date.


Purchase of any course under these class sections will be sent via email with access to the curriculum, bonuses, and pre-recorded video via GOOGLE DRIVE. All pre-recorded classes will have a 30-day access window. Once the window has ended, access to the course you purchased will be removed. If you wish to access it again, you must make your purchase via the website here.

All LIVE MAKEUP classes will be conducted on ZOOM and spaces are limited to 100 seats for each class.

Each class will have 2 parts which will house 50 people in each session. PLEASE NOTE: Once you make your purchase, you will receive a GOOGLE FORM via email in which you must choose the session you can attend (Part 1 or Part 2) and that accompanied time frame. Each session will have different passwords so that others can attend the class and session they have purchased.

Once your payment and GOOGLE FORM is received, the day before the class, you will receive an email with the class and session's Meeting ID and Password to access the class and session you chose on your Google Form. Please note: you will not gain access to the course unless your payment AND GOOGLE FORM has been received. Feel free to show proof of purchase to if you purchased it AND completed your GOOGLE FORM, but have not received an email with the Meeting ID and Password.

NO REFUNDS! Please be sure you can attend the course at the designated time you have chosen and/or access any pre-recorded material within the designated time frame. If you cannot attend the live makeup courses or gain access to the pre-recorded business and technical writing courses, please email the artist at to receive a copy of the replay or gain access. Must show proof of purchase AND/OR completion of GOOGLE FORM to receive replay for the class you missed or to gain access to the pre-recorded class.

All LIVE MAKEUP classes will have an option to purchase the replay approximately 2 weeks after the class has gone live and been conducted. You can purchase all replays on the Karma's Kreations Artistry website. If you purchase the replay, you are NOT eligible for the BONUS on that particular class. BONUSES are only eligible for customers who have purchased the class for the time of its showing. If you decide to purchase the replay, you will only have access to it for 30 days. Once the time frame has completed, your access will be removed. Please be aware of these rules!


Business Classes

Business for Beauty: Professional, Presentation, Protection

Virtual Classes: Services
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