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Meagan H.

I’m going to tell y’all right here and now. Y’all need to book this amazing, wonderful, awesome, talented, human being. She has such a warm soul and she is literally a wizard with the make up brushes and make up applications. I literally had no references, and no clue. I just told Aubrielle to go with whatever, I’m not picky. And girl, let me tell you, she excelled and perfected my look. I have never felt more confident and beautiful for my graduation photoshoot. As a person with Treacher Collins Syndrome, where it makes my facial structure and bones small and under grown, she made me feel like a million dollars. That is something I have not felt in a long time. I told Aubrielle how I had gotten my make up done previously by another person and while they too did an great job, Aubrielle just freakin blew them right out the water, she won this contest, hands down. I swear I’m booking her again and again whenever I d have an event, and I feel confident that she will be the ultimate professional, and feel like I’m speaking and I’m around a really great friend. So I don’t know what your waiting for but stop browsing and thinking and just book her. You won’t ever regret it. So thank you Aubrielle for making my day special and making me feel absolutely gorgeous.

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