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          Terms of Service

                                               Karma's Kreations Artistry

These terms of service apply to makeup and beauty services provided by Aubrielle Tillman-Francisco (Karma’s Kreations Artistry) to you as the customer. Upon booking a session, trial, and/or consultation with Aubrielle Tillman-Francisco (Karma’s Kreations Artistry) and its owner, employees, agents, and affiliates, you must agree to these terms and conditions. By signing the agreement at the bottom of your online consultation form, on your booking, and on the physical consultation form presented to you prior to every session, you agree to these terms and conditions stated below.  


1. Booking Requests Policy

Prior to making any appointment or booking with Karma's Kreations Artistry, PLEASE NOTIFY THE ARTIST FIRST! Due to this being a travel-based business, the artist will need time to travel between appointments. Please notify the artist before making any appointments to allow availability of the artist to be discussed first. 

All booking requests will be made through my Acuity Scheduling calendar. You will be required to provide a phone number when you book so please make sure it is one that you will answer to immediately. Karma’s Kreations will not accept booking requests over the phone, through text, or on any other form of communication. If it is not a booking request through my scheduling calendar, Karma’s Kreations cannot secure your spot for you. Booking requests go by a first-come-first-serve basis only. Karma’s Kreations is not responsible if another individual makes a booking request before you and picks your same date and time. All booking requests require at least 48 hours in advance to the date requested. Karma’s Kreations does NOT allow same day booking.

If you schedule a session around a separate appointment with another business and it is deemed as too close to said time, Karma’s Kreations has a right to cancel/refuse your booking request without any consequence. All appointments will only be accepted once the booking, deposit, and consultation form has been completed. When making your booking, please allow enough time for the artist to arrive and work on the number of people requested. All persons included in the group for parties of 2 or more must be available and ready to be serviced. All makeup applications for parties of 2 or more people must be at the same location/venue and must be consecutive in time.  The artist requires approximately 45 minutes to an hour per person on average, so please allow that much time per person. ***KARMA'S KREATIONS IS NO LONGER USING THUMBTACK FOR BOOKINGS.

a. Appointment Requirements:

Please reply to the confirmation text a day prior, complete the consultation form in full, and complete your booking at least 24 hours prior to the date of the event to avoid cancellation.

b. Rescheduling Policy:

Clients are not allowed to reschedule their own appointment online through the scheduling app. Please contact the make-up artist to reschedule your appointment. Clients are only allowed to reschedule once. After one rescheduling, your deposit and any advance payments will be voided. If you reschedule for the first time under one appointment instead of cancelling, you do not have to pay the cancellation fee. If you are rescheduling, you MUST IMMEDIATELY provide the artist with a new date and time to avoid a cancellation fee being charged. After one rescheduling, if you cancel again and want to book again in the future, you must pay the cancellation fee at the time of cancelling the appointment and pay another deposit when booking again for your next appointment. Failure to send the cancellation fee at the time of cancelling your appointment will result in the fee being charged to the card on file that was used to pay your deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS!

c. Business Hours

Karma’s Kreations Artistry has business hours from Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. WEDNESDAYS ARE CLOSED for any makeup sessions. If you wish to book anytime prior to the set times for open business hours, you must pay the Early Morning/Late Night fee of $50. NO EXCEPTIONS!

d. Early A.M./Late P.M. Appointments:

If you wish to book your appointment prior to 8 a.m. on Monday through Friday, prior to 7 a.m. on Saturday or Sunday, or after 7 p.m. on any of those days during the week,  there will be a $20 fee. Please contact the artist at to inquire.

e. Same Day Bookings

Karma's Kreations prefers all bookings to be made within 48 hours' notice. Karma's Kreations does not allow same day bookings. If you make your booking within the 12-hour time frame of your session start time, you will be required to pay the cancellation fee if you cancel within that time frame.  Please be aware that if you make a booking on the day of your event, your deposit will not be refunded and you will be charged an extra $30 fee for booking on the same day as your event. Your appointment will run the risk of being cancelled and a cancellation fee being charged if all necessary requirements are not completed (consultation form and booking) within enough time.

f. Changes & Adjustments

For all bookings, if you wish to add or remove persons, add-ons, adjust/change addresses, or make any other changes to your booking, you have until ONE (1) WEEK prior to your appointment to make any changes. Outside of this window, all customers are eligible to make up to TWO (2) changes to their booking before an adjustment fee is required to make any further adjustments or changes; thus meaning, the artist will only send up to ONE (1) EXTRA INVOICE via email. This is because too many changes can cause confusion for the artist and for the customer. A confirmation text will be sent the day before your appointment (within the 24-hour window) to confirm the address and that the client agrees to the terms and conditions of their session. Please be sure to agree to this text so that you understand the requirements in place for a successful session.

***PLEASE BE AWARE:  If you wish to make any change within the ONE (1) WEEK time frame prior to your appointment, you must immediately incur a $20 adjustment fee. 

Any changes made within the week prior to your appointment will be declined without the $20 adjustment fee. All adjustment fees can be sent to Karma’s Kreations Artistry CashApp ($yemojan). Please make sure that all persons that have agreed to get their makeup done, are willing and able to go through with getting their makeup done. Any change will result in the pricing being adjusted and too many invoices sent will cause confusion.​

2. Face-to-Face Consultations and Pre-Event Makeup Trials

Please view FULL TOS above.

3. Cancellation Policy/No-Call No-Show

All bookings, makeup trials, and consultations require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to the booking date to cancel a session without having to incur the cancellation fee. If you cancel within the 24-hour time frame prior to your appointment, the client must incur a $45 cancellation fee that will be charged to the card on file used to pay your deposit. This fee is due to the inability of finding a replacement client on such short notice.

If you do not provide an address, ignore the artist attempting to contact you, do not complete the consultation form, or do not agree to the confirmation text prior to the day of your event, your appointment will be cancelled and you run the risk of having 50% of your remaining balance  charged to the card on file. No-call No shows are UNACCEPTABLE and can result in a ban from any future makeup sessions with Karma's Kreations, as well as 50% of your remaining balance being charged to the card on file.

In the event of a family emergency, unexpected event cancellations/postponements, or extreme weather conditions, the customer is eligible for ONE rescheduling for a new date and time. The deposit will not need to be paid twice for the first rescheduling. If the client decides to cancel and it is within the 24-hour time frame prior to their appointment, the cancellation fee will be charged. If the client decides to reschedule for a second time under the same appointment, the deposit will be voided and will need to be paid again to secure the appointment. It is recommended that if a client needs to reschedule for the first time, that they make sure that their new date and time is secured before requesting a reschedule adjustment from the artist so as to avoid any additional fees. NO EXCEPTIONS; WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!

4. Payment Policy

Upon immediate completion of any makeup or beauty service by Karma’s Kreations, you will be required to immediately pay the total amount calculated on your consultation form in full of the form of payment you have chosen. 

Karma’s Kreations does NOT allow:

  •  half payments once a service is complete. 

  •  late payments once the service is finished. 

  • split payments among different persons within a group session.

  •  clients to pay their total in full during bookings. 

***Please be aware that if you choose to pay your total in full prior to your session date instead of waiting until the service is complete and ​you have to cancel your appointment, you will NOT receive a refund on either the deposit or payment. It is preferred and encouraged for clients to make their payment AFTER the service has been completed to ensure an equal exchange of services for payment. You may reschedule your appointment if you have to cancel said date, but you must immediately provide a new date and time for the artist if you wish to reschedule. Keep in mind that cancelling any appointment within 24 hours prior to the session start time, whether paid for in advance or not, will result in a cancellation fee; NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

All final payments must be made by the completion of the session before the artist leaves the venue/location. Immediate payment is required once your session is over. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! With your signature on the bottom of the physical and online consultation forms, if you fail to pay the full amount of said service, Karma’s Kreations reserves the right to take legal action to obtain the necessary fees and/or charge the card on file (used to pay the deposit) to obtain those funds immediately.

***PLEASE NOTE: For all wedding parties of 2 or more people and bridal events that Karma's Kreations provides services for, 50% of the remaining balance must be received when the artist arrives and the other 50% must be paid prior to the artists' departure. NO EXCEPTIONS!! If full payment is not received for any special occasion, wedding, photoshoot/TV production, or any other event by the time the artist has to leave the location, the client runs the risk of having the card on file, that was used to pay their deposit, charged for the remaining amount! Karma's Kreations will NOT be liable for any overdraft fees that may be charged to your account in the event that your card is charged for the remaining balance.

a. Invoices and Receipts

Please view FULL TOS above.

​b. Payment Options

Karma’s Kreations allows a variety of payment options to allow more flexibility for payment of beauty services. The following payment options include:

  • Cash

  • PayPal (requires transaction fee)

  • Square (Credit/Debit Card) (requires transaction fee)

  • CashApp (requires transaction fee)

  • Venmo (requires transaction fee)

  • Apple Pay (requires transaction fee)

  • Zelle

***PLEASE NOTE: Karma’s Kreations NO LONGER ACCEPTS CHECKS!! Please be sure to pay your amount in full with any other form of payment listed. Checks will no longer be accepted as a form of payment.

c. Split Payment Policy

If you choose to have the individuals in your group/party pay for their own makeup services separately, Karma’s Kreations requires that their payment be collected by the person who is responsible for making the booking and signs the physical and online consultation forms. The person who has their name signed on the consultation forms will be required to send/give payment to the artist for all services made. Karma’s Kreations does NOT allow split payments. This method can create confusion for the artist which can result in the wrong payment being charged upon the customer and any missing payment being charged to the card on file that was used for the deposit. If any issues or discrepancies occur, Karma’s Kreations will be unable to track any other individuals whose contact information and signature is not involved on the consultation form. Failure to not following this method can result in legal action being brought upon the client to obtain the necessary funds. 

d. Deposits Policy

Deposits are required when you book through the Acuity Scheduling calendar. Sending your deposit through any other payment method besides Square via my Acuity Scheduling calendar can result in a cancellation of your booking and a cancellation fee being charged. All deposits for bookings are $20.00 + transaction fee and all trials and face-to-face consultations are $10.00 + transaction fees through Square. Karma’s Kreations will NOT accept any appointments via booking unless the deposit has been paid and will not incur the transaction fee for deposits. Deposits are a part of your total price. Once the booking has been made, the $20.00 or $10.00 deposit (not including the transaction fee) will be deducted from your total price.  Pre-Event makeup trials and face-to-face consultations require a deposit now to submit. ***DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

5. Discounts and Referral Program Policy

Please view FULL TOS above.

a. eGift Cards Policy:

Please view FULL TOS above. 

6. Travel Fees and Parking Policy


Please be prepared to accept the arrival of the artist within this time frame to expedite the process of your session. Due to Karma’s Kreations being a travel-based MUA business, there will be travel fees that will occur depending on your location. Travel fees vary based on mileage (one-way) it takes to get to your destination.

If the pro is traveling to the location of a hotel or other venue with no public parking available, the client MUST incur the cost of valet or street parking. This is due to the amount of equipment that must be brought in for the completion of the service. If you cannot incur the valet or street parking cost, your appointment will be cancelled and the cancellation fee will be incurred on the client's card on file.

In the event that the artist does allow a client to come to her location, the client is required to ONLY BRING THEMSELVES AND/OR ANY PERSONS THAT WILL BE WORKED ON. No other persons/pets are allowed to be brought to the session (this includes babies and children). If the client brings any extra persons/pets to their session at the artist's location, they will incur a $25/person or pet fee to their overall total. This applies to consultations, pre-event makeup trials, and makeup sessions. 

a. Day-of or Night-of Touch-ups Policy

If the client requests Day-of or Night-of touch-ups (only applicable for weddings and photoshoot services) and the artist has to travel to a separate location from the original location, the client must incur an additional travel fee based on mileage one-way as well as the flat rate touch-ups fee of $30. If the client requires that the artist stay an extended amount of time at the venue to apply touch-ups throughout the event, there will be an additional $25 for every 30 minutes that the artist must stay for the duration of that event to apply touch-ups.Failure to take on this additional fee will result in cancellation of your appointment and a cancellation fee being charged to the card on file.

b. Airfare and Lodging Accommodations

Please view FULL TOS above.

c. Service Location Requirements

To provide a flawless and professional experience, Karma's Kreations requires a set-up table/work area with ample enough space made available for the makeup artist to work on. A working electrical outlet is also required for the artist, as lighting equipment will be used. Preferably an area with natural lighting is appreciated if available. 

7. Personal Information and Sensitivities Statement 

Karma’s Kreations requires information on whether a client has allergies, sensitives, or any other dermal issue during consultations and on the consultation form. Products used on clients are hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. In no event shall Karma’s Kreations have any liability for incidental, or consequential damages based on makeup application and products used however characterized (eczema, sensitive skin, eyes, burning, redness, flaking, swelling, rashes, etc.) If there is a product you prefer to use, Karma’s Kreations is not responsible for how it is applied onto your skin; meaning but not subject to the wrong shade, allergic reaction, breakout, welts, redness, flaking, burning, etc. In certain cases, a sample of products used may be tested on the skin as a test patch to monitor any reactions prior to application. ***By signing and agreeing to these terms of service, you are waiving your right to hold Karma's Kreations Artistry liable for any such incidents as listed above, acknowledging that there is a risk that you are willing to take on to receive makeup services by Karma’s Kreations Artistry, and in no way will hold Karma’s Kreations Artistry, its owners, employees, affiliates, and agents liable in case of such risk.***

8. Photography/Videography/Audio Disclosure Statement

Karma’s Kreations and its owners, employees, affiliates, and agents reserve the right to take photographic, audio, or film records of any make-up sessions or applications for marketing, promotion, and/or commercial purposes. Client(s) agree to release any and all claims regarding use of his/her/their image for the purposes listed above. Client(s) also agree to release the name and contact information of professional photographer/videographer service providers used for recording any event for which the artist has been hired and contracted to do makeup. Client(s) also agree to release to Karma's Kreations Artistry use of said photographer/videographer's photographs and recordings if requested by the artist. The signed agreement serves as a release to client(s) photographer/videographer and authorizes them to release to Karma's Kreations Artistry and its owners, affiliates, employees, and agents any photographs/recordings to use on any promotional materials Karma's Kreations Artistry deems necessary and applicable.  

On behalf of your signature provided on the consultation form/agreement, you are agreeing to this statement on behalf of yourself and any other persons under your scheduled session being serviced by Karma's Kreations and that you are allowing Karma’s Kreations to use any such photographs for the reasons stated above on any social media, online, or physical platforms. If you would prefer to not have your photos posted, please notify the artist ahead of time.

9. Makeup Sessions Policy

When booking your session with Karma's Kreations, it is imperative that you allow enough time for every person in the group to be worked on without rushing. The artist will provide a time based on the number of people needing to be worked on and at what time the client and group needs to be finished by. If the client chooses to pick a time frame that will result in makeup application per person being rushed or persons being skipped, Karma's Kreations will not be held responsible for the tardiness of the client and group to the event and has the right to cancel or refuse servicing that client for that event. Please do not expect the artist to rush through the persons in your group if the appropriate time frame was not chosen during booking and consultation, and/or if the client shows up late to the venue or location. 

Prior to any makeup session, clients are required to come to the session with a washed face and to have applied a moisturizer and any other necessary skin care products that they normally use on their skin. A primer will be applied on the client based on skin type. 

For every makeup session and to provide a high quality and relaxing experience, the artist is subject to bringing a ring light, chair, DSLR camera, and makeup equipment. Please note that any damage to this equipment during a session with the client will be charged on the client. Please let any visitors and other service providers know that if they touch and break any of the artist's equipment that it will be charged on the client. Please make sure that any younger children and pets stay away from the artist station to prevent any damage to the equipment.

All makeup sessions are expected to have the client present and ready to be serviced immediately when the artist arrives. It is encouraged to choose a time where you can accept the immediate arrival of the artist and are ready to be worked on. If you plan on getting your hair styled prior to your makeup session, please make sure the time frame for that does not clash with the scheduled time for your makeup session. The artist will also not perform any makeup services while the client is being serviced by another provider (e.g. hairstyling, nail services, brow/ lash services, etc).

***IMPORTANT NOTE!: During makeup sessions, all clients are required to let any photography service providers know that they will be unable to intrude, disturb, or touch the make-up artists work station, artist, or client while a session is underway. This creates a delay in the work that needs to be done and could result in equipment damage if not handled properly. All clients are required to let photographers know that the makeup artist station is NOT meant as a photography background or set up. Photographers are free to take photo and film, but are NOT under any circumstances allowed to touch the artists' equipment or direct the artist or client to pose while the artist is working. By not notifying the photographer of this rule in advance, it could result in further fees being charged upon the client.

a. Tardiness Policy

***PLEASE BE AWARE:  A tardiness fee of $10 for every 10 minutes of delay after the client's appointment time has started will be charged. If the client(s) ends up running more than 45 minutes late to their session, or has the artist wait while another service provider works on them during the scheduled time frame chosen for the make-up artist, the appointment will be cancelled and 75% of the remaining balance will be charged to the card on file. For trials, of a delay of 60 minutes or more, you will be charged the 100% of the remaining balance and your appointment will be cancelled. This is due to the delay that will be created for other appointments scheduled afterwards and could create a severe time conflict. This will be STRICTLY ENFORCED with NO EXCEPTIONS; PLEASE BE AWARE! 

(e.g. If you are 10 minutes late for example, you must pay the $20 fee; if you are 30 minutes late, you will have a fee of $60 that will be charged, and so on. If you end up being 70 minutes late for example, your appointment will be cancelled and your card on file used for the deposit will be charged 75% of your remaining balance. Karma's Kreations is not liable for overdraft fees and will take legal action to obtain required fees if payment does not go through.)

b. Client Product Use

For makeup sessions, clients can use their own products during the session. You will be asked during your consultation what products you currently use and if you would like to use them. If you do state that there is a product you would like to use during your session, you will be responsible for bringing it. Karma’s Kreations will not be held responsible if you forget to bring your products to the session and will also not be held responsible if you forget your makeup products at the venue or location.  Your foundation shades and concealer (highlight and contour) shades will be recorded on your consultation form for current and future sessions and will be held on file. If you would like to know your shades, please email If you as the client decide that you want the artist to use your products, it does NOT equate to receiving a discount or a lesser price. This applies to lashes that the client may bring as well.

​c. Additional Services Policy

Karma’s Kreations is not licensed in threading or waxing and will not perform any of those services during your session. Clients are also required to have their brows, lip, or any other area on the face shaved, threaded, or waxed, prior to their appointment. Karma’s Kreations is also not licensed in hair-styling and does not provide airbrushing services and will not perform either of those services during a session. If the client does seek a professional to do either of those services, Karma’s Kreations can refer the client to a trusted professional who is licensed in those areas, but is not liable for the quality of service that that professional will provide. 

d. Add-ons Provided

Karma’s Kreations provides a variety of add-on services that result in an additional cost. Some services are per person while others are not. The following add-ons that Karma’s Kreations provides are:

  • Lash Application ($10/person)

  • Glitter Application ($5/person)

  • Halloween/Extreme Make-Up Application ($30/person) (ONLY for special occasion and photography/tv production services)

  • Day-of or Night-of Touch-ups ($30 + travel fee if venue changes from original + sitting fee of $25/30 min that the artist must stay to apply touch-ups) (ONLY for weddings, fashion/theatre, and photography/tv production services)

  • Tattoo or Scar Covering ($15/person)

  • Touch-up Bags ($40/person)

For any and all lash applications, whether the client brings their own pair of lashes or requests to use the lashes that the artist provides, there will be a $10 fee for the application of lashes on the client. Karma’s Kreations is not responsible for any allergic reactions or breakouts caused by the glue used to apply the lashes. If you are allergic to latex, please let the artist know ahead of time.

e. Partial Makeup Application Policy

If requested ahead of time, Karma’s Kreations can provide partial makeup application for a fee. The client creating the booking request can not book for partial makeup application. 

All persons requesting a partial makeup application must be included within the group that the client creates during the consultation form. Any outside persons requesting to have any services completed will not be serviced on unless the client agrees or requests it. Any partial face makeup application persons will be serviced after all full face makeup clients have been serviced. Please keep in mind that discounts can not be used on ANY partial makeup application services. Partial makeup application prices include: 

  • Face: $50 (includes foundation, highlight, contour, and blush application)

  • Brows: $30 (includes shaping, fill-in, and sculpting of brows)

  • Lips: $5 (includes lining of lips and application of lipstick or lipgloss products)

  • Eyes: $35 (includes eyeshadow, glitter, mascara, and eyeliner application)

  • Lashes: $10 (includes application of strip lashes only. Individual lash application is NOT offered by Karma’s Kreations.)

f. Karma’s Kreations Touch-up Bags

Please view FULL TOS above.

9-2. Virtual & In-Person Makeup Lesson Policy

Please view FULL TOS above.

10. Severability

If any provision(s) of these Terms of Service shall be held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable, or in conflict with any of the law(s) of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality, and enforceabiltiy, of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby. 


***Please note that if you do not agree to these terms of service, pay the mandatory deposit, and/or sign the bottom of your consultation form/agreement, Karma’s Kreations Artistry, its owners, agents, affiliates, and/ or employees, will NOT complete said service for you.

Thank You for choosing Karma’s Kreations Artistry!

Any copying, distribution, or tampering with any documentation created under Karma’s Kreations Artistry will result in legal actions being brought upon. 

Updated: 09/24/2020

Full TOS Updated: 09/29/2020


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