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How is Karma's Kreations Artistry different from other makeup artists?

Karma's Kreations focuses on not only enhancing the beauty of your features, but to also educate my clients on all things makeup and beauty. You can guarantee that at the end of your session you will have learned something new about makeup that you didn’t know before! We also dedicate ourselves on being professional and providing the utmost quality. Every makeup session from booking to the end of the session will be well organized, fun, and professional.

I want to get several faces done--- Does Karma's Kreations Artistry offer package deals?

Pricing is primarily based on the number of individuals within the session. Ranging from 1 to 10 persons will determine an immediate quote for you on my Thumbtack profile. If more than 10 individuals need to be serviced, a separate quote will need to be created. I do sometimes get asked often if the price for my quotes is per person and this is false. The price you receive in a quote is the total and ultimate price you would be required to pay for the service as a whole.

I need the artist to stay for the event and provide touch-ups--what is the pricing for that?

Touch-ups consist of a flat rate of $30, travel fee if the location of the venue is different from where the makeup was applied, and a sitting fee of $25 for every 30 minutes that the client will need the artist to stay and apply touch-ups throughout the event. Keep in mind touch-ups is not always necessary unless you will need to keep your makeup fresh for an event lasting more than 12 hours. This add-on is only for weddings and photoshoots/videoshoots/TV production services. All makeup applications ensure that makeup will stay fresh and presentable for at least 12-16 hours.

Can I pay my total in full before the day of the event?

You can, however it is NOT recommended! It is preferred that you make all payments immediately at the conclusion of the session to ensure an equal trade of services for payment. Making the decision to pay ahead of time will prevent you from receiving a refund if you decide to cancel your appointment later.

Which payment methods does Karma's Kreations Artistry accept?

Karma's Kreations accepts cash, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal (Friends and Family), Square (credit/debit card), Zelle, and ApplePay. Please keep in mind that if you choose the Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Square, or ApplePay options as payment, there will be a transaction fee. Please note: Karma's Kreations no longer accepts checks. Please be prepared to use any other method besides check for your session payment.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, for all bookings made for events, trials, and consultations there will be an accompanied deposit that will be deducted from your total once completed.

Is the price you receive in the quote per person?

No, the price you receive is the total ultimate price for everything. Karma's Kreations does not separate pricing unless requested by the individuals being worked on. At that point, both or all persons must undergo a consultation AND booking request to ensure separate prices.

Could you hold my spot in your booking calendar?

Unfortunately, no. An appointment cannot be secured unless the consultation form, booking, and deposit has been completed. Bookings go by a first-come-first-serve basis and Karma's Kreations is not liable if another client books your same day and time for an appointment.

Each person in my group would like to pay for their session separately--Do you accept split payments?

Karma's Kreations does NOT accept split payments, half payments, late payments, or does not encourage clients to pay their total in full ahead of time. For groups that wish to have each person pay their own amount, each person is required to give their amount to the person whose name is signed on the consultation form and who made the booking. That person is then required to give the artist the full total of the amount stated at the bottom of the form. This is because Karma's Kreations cannot track any other persons in the case they don't pay their amount. Failure to pay the full amount before the artist leaves the location can result in a fee being charged to the card on file. For all clients who have their name signed on the consultation form, please ensure that you have collected the total amount of payment from all parties involved prior to the day/time of your session.

I received another price quote from another makeup artist-- Can you price match it?

Absolutely not. The prices from other makeup artists varies based on what they deem their skillset is worth. By price matching what another makeup artist is charging, I could be undercharging myself and not obtain a reasonable profit. Please keep in mind that makeup/beauty application is a service and not a good/tangible product.

Does Karma's Kreations offer Hairstyling as well?

In no way does Karma's Kreations Artistry offer hairstyling services. We strictly stick with makeup application and all things involving such.

Does Karma's Kreations do airbrushing?

The answer to that is no. Karma's Kreations Artistry does not do airbrushing and only uses traditional methods for makeup application.

Are lashes included in packages?

Lashes are not included within packages, unless part of a promotional deal that Karma's Kreations is offering. Lash application with or without your own strip lashes is $10 per person.

Can you travel to my location?

Absolutely! In fact, Karma's Kreations is a travel-based MUA business; meaning, we come to you always. Clients are now allowed to come to the artists' location; however, only persons being worked on are allowed. If you bring any extra persons (kids, pets, persons, etc.) there will be a $25/person fee. Please refrain from bringing extra people if they are not being worked on to avoid this fee.

If I bring my own products, will I get a discount?

Unfortunately no. Bringing your own products only ensures that the client is using a product(s) that they are either comfortable with using or based on preference if you have sensitive skin, etc. Karma's Kreations Artistry is not liable for the effect of the products you bring reacting to your skin.

Do you clean and sanitize your brushes and tools prior to a session?

Of course! Providing flawless results for makeup requires clean and sanitized tools. Every session Karma's Kreations conducts, you can guarantee a clean, sanitized, and flawless makeup application.

Do you offer Makeup Lessons?

Absolutely! Karma's Kreations Artistry now offers virtual lessons via ZOOM and in-person lessons. Clients have the option to choose 3 different preparation kit options. You can book your appointment through the website or feel free to email the artist at karmaskreationsartistry@gmail.com. Please note: a deposit is required!

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