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Business for Beauty: Professional, Presentation, Protection

Available for purchase on: October 1, 2020

Learn how to be professional, how to protect yourself and your business, how to present yourself like the boss that you are, how to trademark your business, and how to prepare your business for Tax season every year with no worries!


Classes & Curriculum

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Road to Thumbtack Pro

Cost: $35 + Transaction Fee

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Course includes:

  • How to become a Thumbtack Pro within 6 months

  • How to get started on Thumbtack and immediately get new clients as a new business owner

  • How to converse with new clients to win them over

  • Tips and tricks on how to secure a client that is unsure or wary of moving to the next step

  • Determining what budget works best for you on Thumbtack

  • Dangers and risks of using Thumbtack

Professionalism 101: Proper Business Etiquette

Cost: $50 + Transaction Fee

Class Duration: 60 Minutes

Course includes:

  • How to carry yourself accordingly as a beauty professional (Professional etiquette with clientele)

  • How to deal with tough customers and complicated situations

  • How to maintain a 4+ star rating on any platform

  • How to remain accountable and honest within your business

  • How to invest in your business

BONUS: Consultation to review your current business set up and provide feedback. Appointment will be required.

Presentation 101: Present Yourself Like a Boss

Cost: $25+ Transaction Fee

Class Duration: 45 minutes

Course Includes: 

  • How to dress appropriately depending on your occupation/occasion

  • How to let your website set the tone for your business’s aesthetic

  • Proper etiquette when dealing with other businesses​

Business Law 101: Protect Yourself

Cost: $50 + Transaction Fee

Class Duration: 60 Minutes

Course includes:

  • How to protect your business (TOS Basics)

  • How to organize the functionality of your business through your strong TOS

  • Know your rights and the client’s rights

  • What to do if you need to file a lawsuit against a client for failure to pay

  • Importance of deposits and having cards on file

BONUS: Consultation to review and provide provisions of Terms of Service. Appointment will be required.

Trademark 101: Hey! That's Mine!

Cost: $50 + Transaction Fee

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Course includes:

  • How to register your trademark/service mark through USPTO

  • Importance of registering your trademark

  • Where to go to register (step-by-step guide on registering trademark)

  • What to do if someone has your same name or product idea?

BONUS: Step-by-step guide to registering your trademark or service mark emailed to you as a PDF document

Taxation 101: Prepare Your Biz for Tax Season

Cost: $75 + Transaction Fee

Class Duration: 90 minutes

Course Includes:​​​

  • How to prepare for tax season with your business

  • What documents do i need to have

  • How can I collect and track  information of my business throughout the year (Google Sheets)

  • How to organize tax information on Google Sheets for my business

  • How to track my mileage for my business throughout the year. (Traveling professionals only)

BONUS: You will receive a free PDF income/expense spreadsheet template to start filling out your income and expenses throughout the year via email.


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