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Technical Writing Classes

Presentation of your business on the Internet

Available for purchase on: October 1, 2020

In this section, you will learn how to professionally write e-mails and memos that grab your reader's attention, create a professional email signature, how to pick the right business type for your business and register your business type through your state's department of taxation, create a striking website that surrounds your business's aesthetic, and learn basic graphic art techniques to help you save money and design your own business cards, flyers, etc.

Technical Writing Classes: Services

Classes & Curriculum

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Organizing Scheduling, & Bookings: Acuity Scheduling Setup

Cost: $25 + Transaction Fee

Class Duration: 30-45 minutes

Course Includes:

  • How to set up your bookings on Acuity Scheduling

  • How to organize your client Information through Google Forms

  • How to set up deposits through Acuity Scheduling and Square

  • How to create links that allow clients to easily book without confusion

  • Tips and tricks on confirmation of bookings and keeping everything on track

Technical Writing Classes: My Services
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