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Add personality, color, and fun to any room!
These funky switchplates are created using recycled materials such as fabric,
postage stamps, and wrapping paper.
Each switchcover has glossy protective coatings and comes with screws.

Single Switchplates $8

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"Bridge City Bicycles"
They're a wonderful alternate mode
of transportation & a work of art at
the same time. These beauties are
printed on natural brown paper
for an earthy feel.

"Mr. Roboto"
Awesome robot surrounded
by silver glitter

 "Sparkly Owls & Friends"

"Pabst Single"
Same design is available below
as a double switchplate!

"That 70's Switchplate"
Shades of brown, orange, &
cream with hologram sparkle.

"The 80's"
Red sparkles on a black background. Comes with 2 matching screws.

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"Tropical Dream"

Created using Japanese postage stamps.

"Measure Up"
Perfect for your crafting room!

"Blue Buddha"

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"Treasure Map"

"The Wave"

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"Poker Club"

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"Sponge Bob"

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"Tattoo Birds"

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"Robo Skulls"

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"Crazy Cat"

Made from vintage U.S. postage stamps.

"Naked Beauties"
Made using postage stamps.
Edged with 14 karat gold.

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"Colorful Queens"
Created using British postage stamps.

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"Sailor Jerry"

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view rocker switchplate
"Starry Night"

 "Halloween Cats rocker style"

 "Vintage Cars"

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"Hindu goddess"

"Orange Buddha"

"Super Mario"
I still love to play my NES from 1980's!
Images are on a black glittery background.

"Extraordinary English Bulldog Puppy"
Everyone loves these clowns of
the dog world! These friendly pups are full of personality & I've never met a mean one. Maybe I especially like them because I used to live in the land of "Uga" (Athens, Georgia). Image is on a
sparkly cinnamon-brown background.

"Bold Black Lab"
How can you resist her begging
eyes? Image is on a sparkly
green background.

"Shy Shar Pei"
Love these wrinkly pooches!
Image of puppy is surrounded
by turquoise glitter.

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"Cool Cats"
Rocker-style switchplate
(vs. a toggle switchplate)
In my experience, black cats
bring GOOD luck!
Images are on a background
of hot pink sparkles.

"Prancing Penguins"

 "Retro Owls"

"Strip Poker"

"Vintage Eiffel Tower"

"Oh Jesus"

 "Red Warrior"

"Sparkly Hello Cat"

"Vintage Paris"






 "University of Oregon Ducks"

 "Crazy Monkeys toggle style"


 "Crazy Monkeys rocker style"

 "Jolly Roger"

 "Nice Nurse

 "Pretty Pomeranian"

 "Pretty Skulls"

 "Cat in the Hat Rainbow"

"Friendly French Bulldog"

 "Amazing Airedale"





Double Switchplates $10
Coated with glossy protective layers. Come with 4 screws for installation.

"John Deere"

"Pabst Double"

  "Double Dragon"

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