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About Us

I've always enjoyed crafting. My love of cats and dogs has also been huge since I was very young. So, creating things for and about pets is the perfect thing for me! My furry kids (1 dog and 1 cat) constantly inspire me. They're also great product testers! I have no formal art training; I've acquired all of my skills on my own. I also do all of the photography, web design, and packaging. I'm very lucky to have my husband help me work the booth at events and make trips to the post office to mail orders. And, Karma is my real middle name (yes, I was born in the '70s!).

Karma's Kreations grew from my idea to make unique cat toys. I was not happy with the quality of kitty toys available at stores. Many of them had small parts that could easily come off and spell danger. While I was in college my sister taught to me how to knit. I immediately knew my first project had to be a safe, fun toy for my cats. I found some brightly colored yarn and the first catnip caterpillar was born! It was a big hit, so soon I was knitting caterpillars for every cat I knew. I have been lovingly knitting away for beloved felines everywhere for 11 years now!

Years ago my husband started saving all of his bottlecaps, saying that someday I would do something crafty with them. Inspired by his penchant for recycling, I decided they needed to be re-born as useful new objects: magnets, pendants, zipper pulls, pins, and keychains. I saw a project online that involved placing pictures in bottlecaps and then filling them with a magical thing called resin. I quickly became obsessed with learning how to do it. Resin is a really fun, but finicky medium. My resulting creations come from insane hours of testing and experimenting- and I love every minute of it!

I got my love for animals from my parents and godparents. In honor of all the time and hard work my dad puts into helping his favorite breed, I regularly donate items to the
Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation. Yes, they are cute, but they do get very large and drool a lot! So, many of them end up needing homes.

"Dogs [and cats] are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole" -Roger Caras